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Individual with long blonde hair and tattooed arms, wearing a black shirt and colorful glove, with ‘Katherine’ written in cursive script
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After several successful years in Los Angeles and Montreal, Kate moved to the South of France and opened another Tattoo Box studio. Her new location provides inspiration for her designs, incorporating elements of the natural beauty of the region and the rich cultural heritage of France.

Tiger Kate is a tattooer with over 30 years experience. Professional Tattooing done by a master and icon in the tattoo industry.

She began her career in tattooing in 1989 and has since become a master of her craft, developing a unique style and an impressive portfolio of work.

Throughout her career, Tiger Kate has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Freddie Negrete, Mark Mahoney, Jack Rudy, Gil Montie, Chris Aguilar, Zeke Owens, Winona Martin, Billy Whitney, Frank Ball, Eric Maaske, Merdok and her teacher, RattleSnake Dave Kinninger, among others. Working alongside such talented artists has helped to hone her skills and develop her own unique approach to tattooing.

Tiger Kate’s journey in tattooing began before her time in the US Army. She paused her career during her military service. Kate undertook a master’s apprenticeship with Rattlesnake Dave. Dave was a master ink making, needle making, machine building, and designing for tattoos. This hands-on approach has given her a deep understanding of the traditional analog techniques used by the “gods” of tattooing. Furthermore, this knowledge and expertise are evident in everything she does. From every design she creates, the smallest and simplest tattoos, to large-scale or intricate pieces.

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Over the years, Tiger Kate has tattooed in many different locations throughout her career. Tattooing in Montreal Canada, Hawaii, Hollywood, Texas, and New York, as well as at military towns across the USA. Additionally, Kate’s passion for tattooing remains strong, and she continues to inspire and amaze with her work, pushing the boundaries of the craft and creating truly unique pieces for her clients.

With over 30 years of experience, Tiger Kate is a respected and beloved figure in the tattoo industry. Her dedication to the craft and her passion for tattooing are evident in every design she creates. She remains an inspiration to aspiring tattoo artists around the world. Visit her at home atTattoo Box Avignon or in Canada at Tattoo Box Montreal

Tiger Kate a journey through tattooing

Tiger Kate Tattooer en Avignon France
Photo by CKazari.comphotography.
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