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  • Tattoo Box provides a risk free and clean tattooing experience to all guests. We hold your needs equal to ours.
  • We provide aftercare information in a downloadable file and in person after any tattoos are performed.
  • Pricing is $150 per hour.
  • Please bare with us if we are not able to fit you into the time you need and the date that you want. We will promise to get to you as soon as humanly possible if it does not interfere with health or issues of previously scheduled client.
  • We are unable to guarantee tattoos done on hands, feet, or on the face. They will not always look as intended and we deem these to be regrettable tattoos. Additionally we do not guarantee a coverup tattoo as the original tattoo was out of our control. We will try our best to give you a quality tattoo at your request but we are not the bearers of responsibility for choices of others, we are simply providers of a service. If you need a retouch you will need to ask an artist and possibly pay for any materials or time involved. Tattoo Box bears no responsibility to guarantee a free retouch under the hand-feet-face-coverup variety of tattoos, information on the facts of these tattoos failing is readily available online and in social media. We do offer retouches for other areas of the body. 
  • We will not tattoo a client if we are sick, and we will not tattoo a sick client. Please, if you are sick, or suffering from a seasonal flu, we ask if you can reschedule. Otherwise we cannot tattoo you.
  • We have a combined history of 35 years in the field of commercial design and advertising. Including web, print and apparel industries.
  • If there are any questions that we have not given proper attention to, please feel free to tell us.
  • Email us or call us directly at +1-514-759-6806
  • Or reach out to Katherine here.