Tattoo Box France Opens This Spring

Kate has been hard at work to break ground on Tattoo Box France. Tattoo studios in Montréal took a big hit in the first lockdown. Tattoo Box lost Both studio locations and shuttered for the first time in 14 years. For all that time Tattoo Box had Been a home for artists to work on their projects and build up their experience.

The Pandemic ignited a fire across the whole industry that became an existential pandemic. Leading tattoo parlors away satisfying the needs of their artists and caused us to close or change direction. Tattoo Box was Kates project for providing a safe place for many many artists to work for themselves. Tattoo Box France will be her solo project. Centred on the old school techniques. Building tattoo machines, making needles and tubes, and all electrical devices needed to operate without imports or mass produced low quality gear.

Kates Tattoo Box will honor Kate’s history from Sunset Strip, to Canada, to France, and all moments from her 32 years of tattoo history. With the studio themed on the 1980s Hollywood bar scene and Punk and Hair-Band rock clubs.