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Tattoo Box Avignon opens in France

Home » News » Tattoo Box Avignon opens in France

Exciting news for tattoo enthusiasts! Tattoo Box Avignon, home of the iconic artist Tiger Kate, is now open for business in France. After months of hard work, Kate has finally realized her dream of breaking ground on the studio and is now welcoming walk-in clients on a daily basis.

In the first lockdown, tattoo studios in Montréal took a big hit, and Tattoo Box was no exception. After 14 years of providing a home for artists to work on their projects and build up their experience, both studio locations were lost, and the business was shuttered for the first time.

The pandemic ignited a fire across the industry, leading tattoo parlors away from satisfying the needs of their artists and causing many to close or change direction. Tattoo Box Montreal was Kate’s project for providing a safe place for many artists to work for themselves, and now Tattoo Box Avignon will be her solo project. The studio will focus on old school techniques, building tattoo machines, making needles and tubes, and all electrical devices needed to operate without imports or mass-produced low-quality pens.

Tattoo Box Avignon is a tribute to Kate’s history from East LA and Hollywood, to Canada, and now to France. The studio will be themed on the 1980s Hollywood tattoo and bar scene. The feel of 1980’s Punk music and Heavy Metal, with the art, guitars, and neon of Sunset Strip. It is a place where clients can experience Kate’s unique blend of grit and style.

Kate was brought into the world of tattooing on the streets of LA and Hollywood. She now brings that same energy and creativity to a new city in the south of France. Compared to the rush and hustle of LA Tattoo life, Avignon provides a welcome and calm environment. That’s why it’s clear why the new Tattoo Box Avignon opens in France.

If you’re in the area and looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience, look no further than Tattoo Box Avignon. With Kate’s history and expertise, along with the studio’s unique theme and focus on old school techniques. It is sure to be a memorable and exciting experience for every client. Drop in today and see what all the excitement is about!