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Tattoos have a rich history among Indigenous peoples of North America, including Native Inuit and Mohawk tattoos. A important part of life in these communities was to respect and honour the traditions, cultures, and spirituality of tattooing.

The Mohawk people have a long history of tattooing, and it is an important aspect of their culture. Mohawk tattoos are created by “hand-poking” the tattoo. This technique uses a needle to puncture the skin and apply ink. Nature inspires Mohawk tattoo designs and they hold spiritual significance. The turtle is a common symbol, representing the earth and natural order. The wolf symbolizes strength, endurance, and wisdom, while the thunderbird represents the power of the sky, and the bear symbolizes courage and determination.

There is a long history of tattooing among Indigenous Inuit people of the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Tattoos were mainly worn by women on the face, hands, and lower back in traditional Inuit culture. Another key point, Inuit tattoos were typically simple and geometric, and created using a needle made of albatross bone, mixed with soot and ash to create an ink paste. Inuit tattoos marked significant events such as a coming of age, achievement, social, marital, or parental status. Some Inuit tattoos had spiritual significance, believed to offer protection or bring good luck.

In recent years, there has been a return of interest in traditional tattoos among Indigenous people in the world. Nevertheless, Native Inuit and Mohawk tattoos remain at the forefront. Many receive tattoos as a way to reconnect with their culture and heritage. It’s essential to note that traditional tattoos are an important aspect of Indigenous culture. With great respect behind the sacred designs and meanings. Consider the cultural appropriateness of getting a tattoo with Indigenous designs.

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