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Explore the artistic journey of Tamara Avila, a Chilean artist who specializes in tattooing, circus arts, and fine arts. Learn about her background, passion for the arts, and dedication to continuous growth and development.
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Home » Artists » Tami

Introducing our new artist, Chilean Tattoo artist Tamara Avila

Tamara Avila grew up in Curicó, Chile. She loved the arts from a young age and attended theater and drawing workshops in school.

After finishing school, she moved to Santiago where she studied visual arts at PUC. During her time at PUC, Tamara focused on drawing and painting techniques, using the human figure and portrait as her main motifs.

Once she finished her studies, Tamara became an arts teacher. She worked in various schools in Chile for five years, sharing her passion for the arts with her students while continuing to develop her skills as an artist.

In 2017, Tamara traveled to Europe to visit museums and galleries. The trip inspired her research and artistic development. Tamara learned from the works of master artists and incorporated some of their techniques into her own work. This experience opened up new avenues for Tamara to explore in her artistic journey.

In early 2020, Tamara decided to focus entirely on tattooing. She opened her own private studio, Fractal Pigmento, specializing in fine lines, dot work, and whip shading. Tamara’s favorite topics are female portraiture, botany, and animals. Through tattooing, Tamara is able to combine her love for art with her desire to create a permanent and meaningful impact on her clients.

Tamara’s passion for the arts extends beyond just tattooing. She has also dabbled in circus arts, working with a company called Circuri in recent years. This experience has allowed Tamara to explore the physicality of movement and the expression of emotions through movement. Through circus arts, Tamara is able to push her creative boundaries and find new ways to express herself.

Tamara’s passion for tattooing and circus arts prompted her move to Canada. She believes that Canada is the best place to continue perfecting and developing her skills in these areas. This move is also an opportunity for Tamara to learn from new artists and immerse herself in a new artistic community. Tamara’s journey is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion for the arts. Her dedication to continuously developing her skills and exploring new artistic avenues has allowed her to grow as an artist and create meaningful and impactful work.

We welcome Tamara to Tattoo Box