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Artist Janie, a passion for tattooing.

Janie, an artist with a passion for creativity, began exploring different forms of artistic expression at a young age. From drawing and painting to creating, it was only a matter of time before Janie discovered tattooing. Janie’s Instagram.

Getting lost in her art gives Janie a feeling similar to that of surfing. Growing up in a small surf town on the west coast of Costa Rica instilled a deep love of nature and the ocean that continues to inspire her tattoo and flash designs.

artist janie passion tattooing

Janie’s pursuit of education in art history and visual arts at Cegep equipped her with the knowledge and skills to further develop her craft. However, it was her travels through Asia and Europe that allowed her to gain invaluable experiences that have helped shape her both personally and artistically.

Today, Janie specializes in fineline, dotwork, and intricate tattoos, bringing her clients’ visions to life with unique and personalized designs. With a strong eagerness to learn new techniques and collaborate with her clients. Each tattoo is a collaborative effort between artist and client, resulting in a tattoo that is truly one of a kind. Our artist Janie, living her passion for tattooing

The Ocean

The ocean roars, with its waves crashing down, A force of nature, wild and untamed. The salt in the air, a scent profound, The rhythm of the tides, ever unchanged.

Fish and creatures swim below the surface, Sharks and whales, in a watery circus. Dolphins jump and play, in perfect grace, While seals bask in the sun, finding a space.

Storms brew and thunder, lighting the sky, The ocean swells, as the winds fly. Surfers brave the waves, with adrenaline high, Riding the currents, feeling alive.

In the distance, boats sail on the horizon, Fishing for treasures, braving the tide’s poison. But the ocean’s power, can’t be denied, It’s a force to be respected, to never hide.

The ocean calls, with its beauty and might, A true wonder, in our sight.”