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Andrea Lumbi is a highly skilled tattoo artist based in Montreal, Canada, who has been in the industry for over a decade.Andrea’s exceptional talent makes her a popular choice for those seeking personalized and unique tattoo designs.

Andrea tattoo artist

Andrea loved art and spent hours sketching and drawing. After completing her art education, she explored tattooing and fell in love with it. She quickly gained a reputation for her attention to detail and intricate designs while working at a tattoo shop in Montreal. Andrea’s experience guides her clients and fellow tattoo artists.

She has honed her skills in various styles, from traditional to abstract to realism. Andrea works closely with clients, understanding their vision and creating a custom tattoo that is unique to them. Her kindness and patience make the entire process comfortable and enjoyable for even first-time clients.

Andrea is an accomplished artist. With a love to explore different mediums, including painting, drawing, and digital art. Her artwork is often inspired by nature. Her work incorporates organic elements and human forms into designs. She inspires her clients and colleagues alike. Her work is a treasure to her as much as it is to her clients.

importantly, Andrea’s passion for tattooing and art is evident in every piece she creates. Accordingly, her dedication to her craft and her clients has earned her a loyal following in Montreal and beyond. When you are looking for a small, delicate tattoo or a large tattoo, Andrea’s artistic vision and attention to detail make her an excellent choice for your next tattoo.