Tattoos in history

We bring history and nostalgia to our clients in an educational way. Above all, tattoos are markings that have been created on skin for thousands of years. In other words, Very few things can follow us thru our lives like a tattoo. Very few traditions have followed humanity for 10,000 years. Tattooing is the oldest and most iconic form of human artistry. However, it is still practiced today from the Polynesian islands, Inouk First Nation villages, even to big city tattoo parlours. Tattoo Box has its own historic connections across the USA, Canada, and Europe dating back to the 19th century.

Our Tattoo artist’s mission is to provide a positive and unique experience to tattoo clients. We want our clients to be proud of something that they will be wearing for the rest of their lives. Tattoo Box is a friendly environment that our customers can rely on. We bring tattoo experience to the client.

Your Tattoo

Show us your tattoo ideas. A perfect design and experienced tattoo artist can create a story in the art. Therefore, we prefer to make original art. Nobody wants to makes copies of tattoos from Pinterest.

Tattooing is a unique business, but it requires motivated and dedicated creators. Therefore, it is what we strive for. So, if you are ready for your tattoo and you want an intricate pattern or original unique design in your tattoo, come get them from Tattoo Box Montreal Parlour. Email us at or find us on Instagram at @Tattoo_box_mtl.