Tattoo Box provides risk free and clean tattooing to all guests. We hold your needs above ours. Parents who support a child of 15 or over in their choice for tattooing can come to us to assist them. We will walk you thru our sterilization techniques and our procedures for preparing the tattoo. All we ask is if we are to provide a tattoo for your child that you are present for the tattoo process and bring identification that garners proof of the relationship between your child and yourself. You would be surprised at the tricks people attempt to get a tattoo without a parent’s consent. We provide aftercare information in a downloadable file and in person after any tattoos are performed. We carry an aftercare product called After Inked. It has shown to be the best available product for the care of a fresh tattoo as well as has shown to reduce swelling and itching in the later days of healing. We offer this product for $20.00 for a 2.5 ounce tube. This size tube, in moderation, will last the client for several tattoos or visits. Our hourly pricing is dependent on the type of appointment a client needs. We have hourly pricing and session pricing. Session pricing is the most cost effective but is under the stipulation of tattoos that are large enough to require more than 2 visits to accomplish. As an example; large body tattoos such as sleeves, full chest tattoos or full back tattoos may require more than one session whereas a tattoo the size of a postcard should be an hourly tattoo. Hourly pricing is between $120 and $150 per hour. It will be your artiste who will make this determination as various artistes choose a different pricing to suit their tattooing speed or style. It is greatest effort to be able to schedule a client in a timely manner, however this is sometimes difficult due to season spikes in tattoo trends. We will always have our doors open for questions and if we can take you as soon as you need then we have done our job properly. Please bare with us if we are not able to fit you into the time you need and the date that you want. We will promise to get to you as soon as humanly possible if it does not interfere with health or issues of previously scheduled client. We will not tattoo a client if we are sick, and we cannot afford to take a sickness from a client. please, if you are not health, sick, or suffering from a seasonal flu, we ask if you can reschedule. Otherwise we cannot tattoo you. It is against Canada’s criminal code for a business to take deposits for work not yet done, so at Tattoo Box you will never pay extra fees relating to tattoo design or appointment setting. Artistes are available to design for a client on a purely design related matter. Pricing for this service is between the client and the artiste. We have a combined history of 25 years in the field of commercial design and advertising. Including web, print and apparel industries. On occasion we have been the victim of fraud by a would be client in the action of not paying for work we have completed. We do pursue RCMP intervention in these incidents. It is not what we want but we cannot make the place run smoothly with artistes who have been in effect Robbed but a client. We will prosecute for this type of criminal activity. If there are any questions that we have not given proper attention to, please feel free to tell us. Email us or call us directly at 514-759-6806. Thank you for your attention and your patronage. -Kate from Tattoo Box Montreal