I apprenticed at tattoo box under Kate and have now been tattooing professionally for two years. I’ve also managed the shop for about three years. It’s been a wonderful place to work and get inspiration from the other artists that are here or have been here in the past. I graduated from Dawson College in Illustration & Design and love many different forms of art from digital to traditional work. I love all types of tattoos but especially black and gray realism, Japanese and cartoon styles. I take a lot of my inspiration from animals and nature and incorporate it into my designs. I really find the best kind of tattoos are nature inspired…they really just fit the body beautifully. I will gladly take the time with my clients to help design and create custom pieces that are best suited for their individual needs. I really want them to have the best tattoo I can possibly give them and we’ll work at it until it’s just right. I really appreciate all the love my clients have given me in the past with all the positive feed back and also google reviews (and for some reason snacks!) Thank you soooooo much and I hope to keep giving you all the best tattoos I possibly could!